Elephant Intelligent Communications was setup in January 2014. Its aim is to help organisations successfully manage change through communication-led services.

The owner, Lorna McCallum's background is in project and information management (with a bit of training thrown in for good measure). With over 25 years of experience in the private sector, she has seen first-hand the positive impact communication has on the change projects she has delivered.

Lorna's belief that communication really matters led her to complete a Masters degree in Business and Communication Management in 2013. She now shares her knowledge with organisations at a strategic as well as operational level.

Elephant Intelligent Communications works across all departments in an organisation (because even the IT Department needs to feel the love) and offers services in:

  • Strategic Communications Planning and Delivery
  • Employee Communications Training/Coaching Workshops
  • Communications-related Public Speaking Events

Lorna has found the benefits for organisations that do learn to communicate more effectively are:

  • Increased levels of performance and output
  • Speedier recovery from the effects of change
  • Improved morale between management and frontline employees
  • Willingness to go the extra mile

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